Monday, May 19, 2008

Let us now praise Siggi's yogurt

I really don't love yogurt. I used to have six different kinds sitting in my fridge in my tiny 4th floor walkup in Chelsea, and they all almost went bad. I stopped eating it altogether years ago, though every once in a while I would gamely taste a new brand, only to feel jilted and cranky because the advertising promises were never fulfilled.

A few years ago, when we were in San Francisco, I discovered Continental Yogurt and went nuts for it, but of course, it isn't sold in the NYC area (I even wrote and begged the company to sell it here, too.)

Then I saw this Icelandic style skyr yogurt (Come on, who can resist the word Icelandic? I certainly can't) from Siggi Hilmarsson, which has got to be one of the all time most wonderful names on the planet. With flavors like Pear mint, pomegranate and pasion fruit, and orange ginger, (I am a gingerholic), this yogurt seemed irresistible. I bought a few to try. Plus, this yogurt is uber-healthy, with no gelatin, or high fructose corn syrup or aspartame or rBGH or preservatives; it's low in fat and sweetened with Agave nectar and it has three times the protein count of regular yogurt.
Oh. My. God.

This yogurt is so thick and creamy, it puts Continental to shame. The orange ginger has tiny pieces of ginger in it. The Pear mint is so divine I want to marry it (after I marry my computer.)


Gina Sorell said...

As an admitted yogurt-a-holic...I must try this! I hope we can get it here in L.A.!

On a more serious note...are we to be concerned with your polygamist ways involving inanimate objects? Yogurt? your computer? can all be traced back to licking your newly painted walls.

hee hee. G :-)

Rachel said...

This is my #1 favorite yogurt. So lovely!

Caroline said...

Rachel, isn't it amazing? As to my polygamist ways, it may be since I just reviewed this book about a woman who escaped polygamy, which really got under my skin. Can I be happy with a marriage to my computer and yogurt and Jeff, my husband?

YES and who knows what I might marry next?

Clea Simon said...


It took a little getting used to. After all the sweet yogurts, the flavor is a little intense.But now we love love love it! I wish they had more flavors, we just keep alternating. YAY SIGGI's!

We can be co-wives to Siggi's!

Katharine Weber said...

Your passion for things Icelandic may begin with wool. I agree, this is a superb yogurt.

Brian said...

It's amazing--even richer than Greek yogurt. I discovered it at Fairway a few months ago. Then, just as I got hooked, they started having production problems, and it disappeared. Hopefully they'll be back in stores soon!

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