Friday, May 2, 2008

Allergies and writing world

First, does anyone have any advice about childhood allergies? Max, the light of the universe, has all of a sudden developed allergies. He's been sent home from school twice because the white of his eyes turned red and he had deep purple gashes under his eyes, coughing fits that last into one in the morning. We've been to the doctor three times and have tried a bunch of meds. I'd love to have something natural. My mother is urging us to have him get allergy shots, but both Jeff and I had them as kids, loathed them, and found they didn't help. Anyone want to weigh in on this? Any and all advice will be so appreciated!

This is really hard because I just finished a novel about a young boy who has asthma. In my exhausted state, there is a bit of magical thinking going on--Max doesn't have asthma, thank God, but he does suddenly have these terrible allergies. Did art create life? I know it didn't, and I know it's dangerous to think this way. I'm just very, very tired.


Susan said...

oh dear Caroline I am so sorry to hear this. I have brutal brutal allergies (which started when I was a kid). I had shots too which were only mildly useful. NOW I take a Loratadine a day (OTC allergy medicine) and when I don't, I suffer terribly. Gooey eyes and coughing, sneezing mess. It's not natural but it helps me survive spring (and fall).

Clea Simon said...

I, too, swear by loratadine, Caroline! It doesn't get you all dopey like antihistamines, but it works. (Loratadine is generic Claritan. At my local Walgreen's, they sell their take on the generic as "Walitin.") It really feels like it has no visible effect - except your allergies are lessened or gone. But read the label - they offer loratadine alone and WITH other traditional decongestants/antihistamines, and you want just the pure stuff. Jon and I live on it through the allergy seasons (spring for us both, and fall ragweed season for me.)

Unknown said...

Sadly, Loratadine doesn't work for me -- but I wish it did, because it sounds like a wonder drug for others. The only meds that have any real affect on my (almost year-round lately...thanks, LA pollution!) allergies are the sleep-inducing antihistimines like Benadryl. If you find a good alternative cure, let me know!

A friend did tell me about a study that suggests eating locally grown honey may relieve allergies because it helps you become immune to the local pollens, etc. I haven't tried it, though, and I think it takes a few months to build up the immunity, anyway. Google "allergies + local honey" if you're interested. There seem to be both pros and cons.

Caroline said...

Thank you all for these wonderful suggestions. He was on Claritin which didn't seem to do anything, but maybe it didn't build up enough. The doctor gave hm Zrtec. I love the idea of the local honey and will try that.Thank you so much, Lisa. We tried to get him to wear sunglasses to cut down on some of the pollen and he has to wash his considerable mane of long hair every night (doctor's orders) which also rids some of it, but he doesn't like to do either!

Gina Sorell said...

Allergies..argh! I am blowing my nose in between typing...again,thanks L.A.
I too take Claritin, and it does work for me, most of the time. When I was a kid, I had terrible, bronchitis, then asthma and our friend and naturopath told my parents to take me off of milk and sugar. It was so hard to do as a kid, but we did it, and I also know that some people find going off wheat helpful too. Anyways, I lived like this for years, and years, and my allergies and one week a month in sick bed stays...went away.
It's tough, but, I have friends who have done the same with their kids and it works...and you can grow out of it. Yogurt is now one my main food groups!
But if Max is a vegetarian like you it will be tricky, but not impossible, I was a veggie too, still am...mostly.

Clea Simon said...

Oh I've heard that about honey, too! Do you have a good farmer's market? Best place for local honey, if so! I also occasionally take Flonase (not sure what the generic is) because right now, when all the trees are budding, even with the Claritin/Loratadine, my eyes and ears (!!) still itch horribly.