Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have a soft spot for doctors who write--and who practice preventative medicine rather than piling on the drugs. Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr. Rob Carlson is both a brilliant doctor and brilliant writer. He's finishing this spectacular medical thriller and while talking about plot and character with him, I couldn't help myself from also peppering him with medical questions, which he very graciously, patiently and generously answered.

It all fascinates me. When I was ill in NYU, I talked the surgeons into letting me stay awake to watch a five hour operation where they were gluing my veins shut! It was the only high point of my 2 1/2 month stay, but I've never forgotten the exhilaration of watching that operation. I read medical journals the way others might leaf through Vogue. To me, advances in insulin therapy jazz me more than the length of the latest designer hemlines.

I've long believed that much of health is preventative. You eat the right stuff, and get the right vitamins and you feel better and live longer. I know it works. I bumped away 90 percent of my once terrible asthma by diet and vitamins. My family is genetically predisposed to high cholesterol (I'm a vegetarian leaning towards vegan and my counts are still borderline) and I was determined not to take the Lipitor my doctor kept suggesting because of all the nasty side effects. Anyway, Rob and his business partner Gary Stanton, at New Health Corporation, have done a lot of research and clinical studies with vitamins and Rob sent me some samples.

I love the vitamins. I love the way I feel. I love the sleep savior which really does destress you (in a healthy way) so you can conk out and feel rested.

So check out the vitamins--and the website which has a lot of interesting medical info. And don't forget to check out Rob's thriller, too, when it hits the shelves.

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