Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Tao of Fertility

Dana Herko is one of the coolest people on the planet. (I put her photo striking for the Writer's Strike up here on this blog a while ago, and here she is again on the left with Dr. Daoshing Ni, or Dr. Dao as he is called in the book.) Not only is she a super producer (for a while she had one of my projects, which is how we met, and a valuable friend (funny, smart, all the great adjectives), but she's also written this book, The Tao of Fertility: A Healing Chinese Medicine Program to Prepare Body, Mind, and Spirit for New Life. (Dana was supposed to be on The Today Show and was bumped by the Pope's Visit. But she will be on this Friday.)

Yep, the book is partly autobiographical, as Dana talks about going through failed adoptions (me, too. See my novel, Girls in Trouble) in vitro, tests, and more. Dr. Dao, descended from more than 70 generations of Taoist masters, is renowned among even high-tech infertility specialists. What's great about the book--besides the voice, the 28 day fertility enhancement program, eating plans, guidelines and more, is that it is also about a philosophy of living.

This is a terrific book about being in balance, about discovering what matters and why. Of course the target audience is women yearning for babies, but the lessons here encompass so much more.

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