Sunday, April 27, 2008




I bought this kind of condom for the keyboard. A specially made plastic cover that fits like a snug second skin and is supposed to keep the letters from fading so fast. So far, I've noticed that it collects a whole lot of dust, but it seems to do the trick. Just in case, I ordered more press on letters, which the woman at the store assured me were printed with special non-fading ink. (Yes, I know, if I believe that, you have a bridge you can sell me, but I've already bought the Brooklyn Bridge several times.)

I also discovered, after panicking that my hard drive was going or my fan, that the solution was to open the computer and blow out the ten tons of dusts breeding new colonies in there and to stop piling books and papers on top of the computer. It's so quiet now that I can hear myself scream when I am trying to write something brilliant and am only coming up with mediocre at best.

Are there are novelists-slash-screenwriters out there? Does anyone think these are exclusionary categories? Is there a trick about marching fearlessly from one genre into another?

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