Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writers' Strike is OVER!!

The strike is over! This is fabulous news! I lost a few opportunities because of it, but I stayed solid and now I am back to work pitching, writing, and generally making a pest of myself.
That's Dana Herko, producer and writer on the left on her last day of strike. She's a fabulous producer and also the co-author of the upcoming The Tao of Fertility. (She's also a wonderful friend.)

On the other news front, Barack Obama is now a member of, this writers' site I belong to. Bet that drives a whole lot of traffic there!


Clea Simon said...

Oh I am so hoping to read some announcements of screenplays here soon! Good luck, Caroline!

Jeff Lyons said...

Don't get too excited... we might be right back on the picket lines come June when SAG goes out on strike. Not likely, but not a given it won't happen. All depends on how feisty SAG and AFTRA want to get with the AMPTP.

J :)

Clea Simon said...

ouch, but maybe a screenplay or three can be sold between now and then?