Tuesday, February 12, 2008

first chapter!

Oh it's bliss to have a good first chapter. I'm deep into the beginnings of my new novel and I'm at that incredibly hopeful stage where all seems as though it's going to go well. Having that chapter is my lifeline because I know the waters are going to go murky and full of writer-eating sharks very fast indeed. I'm also working on a script that I want to send to the Nichols (hey, I won quarter finalist at Fade in! And I was Nickelodeon finalist! That counts, doesn't it?)

But now what I have to do is find photographs of my characters so I can stare at them while I write, which means going through magazines, but actually, I just emailed an actress/writer friend and I think I'm going to use her as my image of one of my characters. She has this really intelligent sort of beauty (think Cate Blanchett) as opposed to the generic Kate Hudson. Which leads me to another question, how does everyone out there see their characters? Do you use photographs? Do you do a whole list of everything about the character the way Richard Price does?

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Clea Simon said...

Oh how SMART!

I pretty much use people I see on the street, often in my local coffeehouse. But I'd love to have photos of them!