Monday, June 8, 2020

New on the Nothing is Cancelled Virtual Book Tour: Ken Ludmer talks about SEARCHING FOR "IT" Fifty years of conversations iwth the Road Warrior Therapist.

I'm so pleased to host Ken Ludmer on the Nothing is Cancelled Virtual Book Tour here!

Originally after retiring, I wrote it because I wanted to find a forum to give back to young therapists about how to be a therapist, but then I thought I could widen it to anyone who needs a mentor. I certainly did. So I added my personal search for “it” which included my road adventures. I added stories from my vast experience as a street social worker, or when I directed psych Emergency services at a Medical Center. Or when I was an actor or a bartender in the Village. Surprisingly I found that I really did find “it”.
 It is bizarre to publish a book during the pandemic but our new world is virtual and that is how we will promote it. My first book “Insanity begins at home” had a Barnes and Noble signing. The good ol' days.
My new obsession is what we just learned from the pandemic in that when there was a 90% drop off in car, airplane, and truck travel, the planet started to heal immediately. Air was cleaner, people saw the Himalayas from their house for the first time, and ozone healing had begun. Now we cannot go back to the fossil fuel pollution “normal”. We all were just given an object lesson on proof that it can be better. Once there is a new government in Washington we can go full force on saving the planet as all the signs of bigger storms threaten us all.This needs to be an international worldwide effort. I am writing articles about it.
 To watch the Nothing is Cancelled video, click here!

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