Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joy, bliss, Is This Tomorrow is now a NYT bestseller and a USA Today bestseller!

My 10th novel, Is This Tomorrow, has been out for about 7 months now. So imagine my surprise and astonishment when someone on Facebook congratulated me for making the USA Today bestseller list! And imagine how I felt when I tweeted about it and got a tweet back from my amazing publisher Algonquin saying, "and that's not all, you also made #12 on the NYT bestseller list for Ebooks, and #19 on the combined print and ebook bestselling list."

I cried.

I've struggled so hard in my career. I've had four publishers go out of business. Two big huge publishers sign me up for 3 book deals and ignore me, and Pictures of You was rejected before it --and I--found a home with Algonquin.

The publishing business is a strange one. But this goes to show: Never. Give. Up. You can't know what surprises await you.

And thank you to everyone who bought my book, who read it, who posted about it, who told their friends. You have my undying devotion.

Today I'm celebrating! But tomorrow I got back into the trenches, where once again I have no idea what I am writing, I feel way over my head, I have tremendous doubts. But that's the life of a writer.

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