Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I Love Dear Reader and why you should, too

Suzanne Beecher is amazing. Warm, bubbly, and so positive you believe she could walk on Jupiter if she wanted to, she's a best friend to readers and writers. Dear Reader is her invention, a way to sample a huge variety of books, get hooked, read author essays and so much, much more. I'm honored to have been featured on her site twice, and to have written essays for her, and I've found dozens of fascinating books just browsing Dear

Sign up for a free book club and every day she'll email you a 5-minute portion of a book. She'll send a different book each week and you can sample two to three chapters. Before long you’ll be hooked on a book and you just might win a bubble machine, a signed copy of a book, or some of Suzanne's homemade chocolate chip cookies too--she loves to bake for readers.

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Jessica McCann said...

I only learned of the bookclub a few months ago, but I'm already in love, too. Such a cool concept!