Monday, February 22, 2010

On faith and writing

I have about 200 pages of this novel and I cannot get it right. I have the first chapter, but then the rest sort of floats off into space. The only thing keeping me tethered is that the idea of this book has obsessed me for years. I just haven't been able to write it and I'm not sure why. Sometimes I think I'm not starting in the right place. Other times I think I'm not telling the story the right way. This kind of work is slogwork and you really need a lot of faith to keep you going. You have to keep reminding yourself that that obsession is what counts, that sooner or later the story will unfold the way it should. And you have to stop starting new novels (it's like flirting with new possible loves, when the love of your life right now is patiently waiting for you to cut it out and get back to work.)


Dory Adams said...

I love this "flirting" analogy about the temptations of working on something else. I have complete belief that you will keep the faith and figure it out. You always do!

Caroline said...

thank you, Dory--it doe feel like that, the excitement of something new, the promise that this time, this new novel might be totally easy to deal with, when you know the hard work and true love aspect of the novel at hand is what matters. I wish I felt as hopeful as you, but I think fever is wearing me down!

Clea Simon said...

you know what yuo have to do - just keep at it. Keep going for where the heat is. It will all make sense (hugs)