Friday, May 29, 2009

Backspace Writers Conference

I am ill-ish.  Stayed in bed until noon and now feel dazed and hallucinatory.  BUT!  I am going to be moderating a panel at the BackSpace Writers Conference this Saturday on book reviewing at ten, and on another panel about writing from your life at 9, so if anyone comes, please say hi.  I will be the pale one all in black and I promise whatever I have is not catching!

Also, a shout-out!  I will be teaching an advanced novel writing course through UCLA's Writers Program! (the link is on the left of the blog.) They are having a Cyber Open House and you can even live chat with me on Tuesday at 9 Eastern time. It's free, but you have to  register .

I am ending my three weeks teaching writing to the Afghan women, which has been an incredible experience.  I cannot thank these brave women enough--or novelist Masha Hamilton who spearheaded this project.

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Clea Simon said...

Caroline - for someone who felt under the weather, you made an energetic, enthusiastic, and absolutely wonderful moderator!! I was thrilled to be on your book reviewing panel and am very sorry the stupid subway kept me from hearing your earlier panel with Leora!!