Sunday, December 9, 2007

And the winner is.....This Young House

Novel writing (and screenwriting, but after the writer's strike!) is as hard as it is glorious, and sometimes while I am taking a work break from my new novel in progress, I like to wander the net and look at blogs. Of course I look at writing and bookish blogs, but I also love film ones, knitting ones, vegan cooking ones, and anything out of the ordinary. The keyword is fun.

Jeff and I spent almost a year renovating our 1865 rowhouse, so I fully understand what the whole process is like and how things can look much worse before they start to look better, and how important a sense of humor is--which explains why I adore Sherry and John Petersik's uber-cool blog, This Young House. The truly cool news is that she and John just won (beating out 46 other blogs in the running) the Remodel, Blog & Win contest by a few months ago--a $5000 win which will presto chango into any number of things like tiles, sinks or built-in bookcases.

The blog is quirky and hilarious. They watch paint dry, they yearn for neighbors, they post gorgeous pictures (I wrote Sherry because she seemed to have discovered the perfect blue and I wanted to know the exact name so I could grab it up for our bedroom.) They have entries like "Our kitchen cabinets are like Brangalina" and "Our kitchen cabinets are like slugs". The photos are fab, the writing is stellar, and the house in progress is to die for.

So go check out the blog and send congrats to Sherry and John--and then please, tell me if I should paint my office white or a color..(Is a color to distracting? Is white too clinical?)


Clea Simon said...

Oh this is hilarious!! My husband and I have been talking about remodelling our bathroom for years but I keep saying no because I work at home and I know how disruptive this is! (Plus, I don't want to have to use a porta-potty for three months.) Thanks for posting!

And go for the color. My office is violet, which I adore.

Gina Sorell said...

I say go for white! But make it a softer white...and yes there are sooo many shades of white! My husband and I renovated a house a couple of years back, and after trying so many paint colors, I have to say that Ralph Lauren paints are the best. I know, it doesn't seem right, but it's true... the color on the paint card is the color you get on the walls. I have only painted with them since, as has everyone I've recommended them to. And yup, they are more expensive...but you use less, and they last longer. And their names are great :-)
Oh and for color...paint just one wall. :-)