Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Writing fever

I'm still hallucinating over Traveling Angels, my last novel, but now that I've started a new novel, these new characters are starting to whisper in my ears and follow me down the streets. I find I have to know everything about my characters--how they comb (or don't comb) their hair, what toothpaste they like. Right now I'm trying to get a picture of them in my mind, so I'm collecting photographs and images. You can't clip pictures from magazines usually because those people never look quite real, but the image file of google has a lot of interesting characters.

I might as well admit it. I don't want to say goodbye to my characters. I worry about them. Will they be okay in the world?

I also want to mention that I discovered a new bookblog that I love a lot. Reading is my Superpower. And this one, too, called Upper Fort Stewart. Mosey on over and take a gander.


Clea Simon said...

I love hearing about the writing process! You are entering a new world, aren't you?

Annie the Superfast Reader said...

Thanks for linking! I am a big fan of Upper Fort Stewart, too.

Annie the Superfast Reader