Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Channeling Andy Warhol

I was trying to upload this photograph and it somehow got corrupted in this very Andy Warholish manner. (I lived in Pittsburgh for a while, which is prime Warhol territory, but when I first moved to NYC, I used to see Andy walking around in a haze. And I never spoke to him because I thought that would be uncool.) In any case, this photo montage is a strange case of immortalizing my son's dogs, Bell and 101.

I also have found myself on Facebook and MySpace, and I have no idea why. Call it an experiment...

And yes I still feel horrible and my throat hurts from coughing. And I have two more pages of my new novel done.


Flood said...

Dear Caroline

Nice Andy Warholish Picture with a nice touching story on Andy. I suggest you check out http://www.democracy.org.np Andy Warhol 2.0 tribute site. If you have time email us your one minute video with sound so that we can feature at our site.


Caroline said...

Dear Flood, What a great idea! And a great site, too. Thank you for alerting me to it!


Clea Simon said...

Caroline - Hot tea! Hot tea with honey! And congrats on getting any writing done at all while you'er still sick.