Monday, September 24, 2007


I was on the Today Show twice! I do have a nice picture of the green room (which isn't green, by the way) to post but I can't find my cell phone, which I bet is in the bedroom under my Today Show good clothes, unlike my usual funky attire of jeans, tee shirts and sneakers.

The Today Show called me again to ask if I would like to talk about the essay I wrote for the anthology THE OTHER WOMAN, which was reprinted in NEW YORK MAGAZINE and which has some film interest. Um, yes I would, and yes I did. Even better, Victoria Zackheim, the editor of the anthology and my friend was there with me!

It's very strange to walk past all the people hovering by the studio waiting for celebrities and the green room was crammed with crunchy veggies, two kids who wrote a cookbook who were being urged by a parent to "have better hair", and my fave--a woman in jeans who was funny and down to earth and who told me she lost 150 pounds just by walking.

I was very nervous about the makeup and hair, but the makeup person actually had a really light hand and made me look as if I weren't spackled. I'm used to people looking at my mop of curls and not knowing what to do with it, or even worse, suggesting straightening, but the hair person took one look at me and said, "We love curly hair here," and then told me that it had to be more TV curls, though. I was game and curious and she used a curling iron and gave me lotsa squiggles. I lost a few inches of length with the TV curl, but I really liked it.

The studio is freezing. Matt Lauer is very nice and so is Ann Curry and I got to see the producer who came to my house last time and she gave me a big hug. But they introduced me not as Caroline Leavitt, novelist, or screenwriter or even author, but as "Caroline Leavitt whose husband cheated on her!!! " I quickly spoke up and said that I had very happily remarried. I didn't have a lot of chance to say much else, and every time I glanced at the TV monitor and saw myself I noticed that either my pants were hanging funny, or my blouse was gaping.

But boy, was it all fun, fun, fun.

See you later, alligators


Clea Simon said...

I wish I'd seen it! But people will know your name and when they see your books, they'll go "Oh... she was on the Today Show" and pick them up. And then the prose will draw them in!

Cindy said...

COOL! I wish I had seen it too. I bet you looked great, wish I had wild twisty hair like you.

This is so exciting for you!