Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Over 14K readers and writers can't be wrong: Come join Jacob Marquez's Reading Corner on Facebook. He talks about it--and himself--here!

It is always a cause for celebration (bring out the champagne) when someone is promoting books and making a warm, safe, lively community for authors on line. And that’s Jacob Marquez who began Reading Corner on Facebook.

Who better to introduce himself than Jacob himself?

 I everyone, my name is Jacob Marquez. I live in Texas and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media from West Texas University. I've won many different awards in college for several of my media projects. I also have Cerebral Palsy, but I am fortunate enough that I don't have any complications from my Cerebral Palsy, I just can't walk by myself without  some assistance.

I am the creator of the Facebook group called Reading Corner. When I am not reading, I enjoy going swimming, hanging out with family and friends...along with my sweet baby dog Tiffany. I got my love  for reading from my mom. If I could get the chance to meet anyone it would have to be "Oprah Winfrey." I learn so much from her over the years, and I would also  love to get to meet all the authors I've  connected with through social media. I would also like to meet Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb someday .  

Thanks so much  my friend! 

Thank YOU, Jacob.

What inspired you to start Reading Corner on Face Book?

 My inspiration for starting Reading  Corner can be summed up into three words: love, books, and kindness.  I have  joined  a lot of reading groups on Facebook over the past year and half. The biggest thing I have noticed on a consistent basis is  that people are not very friendly or kind to each other in some of these  various groups. In some of  these groups  you  can't   even discuss books you have read because some people  have not  read the book.  In our group  Reading Corner members can discuss any books they like in  a safe, caring,  loving,  and encouraging  environment. In Reading Corner  we have a monthly book club selection chosen by me. Then either  in the middle of the month or at the end of the month we have the author of the book come in and do a live chat to discuss their book.  Live Chats are where the author pop in and out throughout the schedule day at their convenience answering members questions or comments  about their book. The  wonderful  thing  is some like to do giveaways  where  they will give one lucky member the chance to win a signed copy of their book.  The author will usually just pick  at random  a person  that participated in the live chat that asked a really good question.  Finally the day after the Live chat I will post discussion questions to get the group members engaged in a meaningful group discussion about the book. I will post three questions a day for four days.

What I love best about Readers Corner is the warmth and kindness. How do you make sure it keeps on?

 I think it's very simple really I think it's the  job of the administrators to set the tone of the group and to  lead by example.

 Our group has two administrators myself  and my good friend Julie Draughn Emfinger.  Julie is just great. She has a son with special needs. Her son's name is Drew. He has high-functioning autism. Julie is also working on her master's degree in nursing. I believe that there should be more kindness in the world especially in these politically charged times we are living in today. One thing I do in our group is to post an inspirational quote for the  day.  I do not let anyone discuss  politics in our group.

I know people have issues in life, that stuff comes up. Well we all face obstacles in our lives, but the key is how are we going to react to those obstacles. I feel you just need to treat people equally with respect because there's too much hate in the world . And everyone deserves the same respect across the board. We all have stories and we all come from different backgrounds but we are also all the same. So I just believed to treat people with kindness and understanding because the world is hard enough as it is.

And what if someone is unkind?

First I give a gentle reminder. Then we will just kick them out of the group and then just block them from the group.  Honestly, who has time  for  unkind people?  The answer is no one does.

What do you see happening with Reading Corner in the future?

My goal is to keep adding new members to our group and to get the word out about our group. In Reading Corner we will most definitely continue having  Live Chats and Giveaways  with our  monthly featured authors.

I am also planning on doing  live stream chats with authors that have books out  that I find to be interesting and that I think people should  know about. They  don’t necessarily have to be the author of the month.  I would  love to  get some  people from the publishing industry involved in our group  in some form or fashion.

What book is on your radar that people might not know?

There are so many great books on my radar it's hard just to pick one. There are two that come to mind at the moment off the top of my head. The first book  is our current January 2020  Selection  and it's called A Heart Not Easily Broken by M.J.Kane.  M.J.  Kane is a fantastic author and she is a true inspiration. M.J. has  overcome so many obstacles and challenges in her life. Here is a description of this great book.

 Ebony Campbell is a smart, sexy career-oriented black woman who wants nothing more than a summer fling with a man who challenges her mind and body. What she doesn’t expect is Brian Young, a blond-haired, blue-eyed bass player to step up to the challenge. Despite negative reactions, their fling develops into a deep relationship, and Ebony discovers juggling love, family, and career are nothing compared to the ultimate betrayal she endures. Now her dreams spiral into lies and secrets that threaten her future and the trust of those she loves.

We will be Having a Live Chat and Giveaway with M.J.Kane on Saturday January 25th and a group discussion January 26 through the 29th

The second book that I think everyone should  know  about and read is called  Dumpster Doll: The Early Years by Michelle Mays and Michelle Moone.  It's about Michelle Mays's  life growing up in a dysfunctional family and her journey in the foster care system. It is a very powerful and memorable book that unflinchingly shines a light on family turmoil, flaws in judicial systems, and ultimately, the grit and tenacity that thousands of children exhibit each day just to make it through.

The wonderful Michelle Mays will be joining us for a Live Facebook chat  to tell us about  her powerful and unforgettable book at 6pm Central Standard Time Thursday  January 30th

Do you write? Have you ever thought of writing your life story?

No I'm a horrible writer. If I ever did write a book. I would have to have a ghost writer  help  me  with the  book. Plus, I am only 36 I have a lot of life left to live and  experience before I write a book about my life.

You now have over 1400 people in the group, and in a very short time! That’s amazing!

Yes I am super surprise how the group has grown so fast. But I the other hand I am not because I have just used my networking skills to build the group as well.

How can readers and writers get into the Reading Corner?

Sometimes I will friend an author whose book I liked on Facebook and tell them and ask them to join. Recently, Jamie Ford just joined! I usually put up a welcome post, but I forgot to do one, and then Jamie told me he had been in the group for a couple of weeks!

Will have  many great Authors  in our group just  as members.. here are just  a few of them Jean Kwok,  Jamie Ford, Caroline Leavitt,  Sally Koslow , Benjamin W.Bass  Chris Miller, William Dameron,  James Lott Jr,  Rachel Radner, Jillian Cantor, David Heska Wanbli Weiden, A.J. Bass,  M.J. Kane,  Carmen DeSousa  and FE Feeley Jr. and so many more.  So what are you waiting for come Join the  Reading Corner today!

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Carmen DeSousa said...

Love The Reading Corner! Jacob and I have been friends for a long time, so I was excited when he started a Facebook Group. I really enjoy all the fun questions and comments about my favorite subject: BOOKS!