Wednesday, August 9, 2017

And now for something even more different! Joyce Maynard and I video chat about her memoir THE BEST OF US, plus a giveaway

I first met Joyce Maynard through email. She was kind, gracious, and really funny. But best of all, we got to meet at a Book Fest, and I was having such a good time talking with her that I impulsive said, "Let me film you for my blog!" She agreed, and of course, my phone screwed up. BUT, we did the interview later. And it's there in the link at the bottom! AND here:

And there's more! Bloomsbury and Joyce Maynard are offering to send a personalized, signed book plate from Joyce to anyone in the US and Canada who sends in proof of preorder before publication. This can be from any retailer. To enter submit a photo of a receipt, an email receipt, or a screenshot of an order.  They need to be sent in before September 5, 2017  in order to qualify.
More information and submission form here:

And here is the refrain of Joyce's very first song , from songwriting camp--which she sings in the video.. 

It’s a year since you left me
I sold your guitar
Gave your boots to your son
Smoked your last good cigar
And I’m not going to die here
I’m back out on the road,
But I wear your blue shirt, dear
It feels good.

And if someday I love
Though there’s none here for now
I will know how I got there
It was you showed me how.
It’s a skill newly learned
It was you showed me how. 

HERE is the video !

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