Friday, September 16, 2011

Fever dreams

Usually, I give my blog over to other writers, but the past few days I've been really sick. You know the kind of sick, where you drag yourself from the bed to the computer and where even reading a line makes your eyes hurt? I've cancelled everything to tend myself and I've discovered a few things about being sick.

1. You have to watch the right kind of films. As a movieholic, I've been known to watch anything--so much so that some of my friend refuse to go with me anymore. But when you're sick, you want what I call "flu movies"--they have to totally entertain you, and yes they can be stupid, but no they can't be well-meaning where everyone learns a lesson and everything is tied up in a neat bow. They also can't be period pieces. Quirky indie films are the best. Or great old Douglas Sirk films. We have the original The Postman Always Rings Twice. And yes, I'm sort of panicked that we just saw Contagion a few days ago.

2. If you are at the computer, forget work. I tried. I really tried. I'm waiting on revision on my 10th novel from beloved Algonquin, and I started a new book but as soon as I start to write while being sick, I get brain fog. So, yes, I admit it, I have spent the better part of  half hour reading fascinating new details about Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, which segued into whether or not Demi Moore's marriage is really intact which then went on to Tom Cruise gossip and Scientology. And yes, I am ashamed of myself, but I'm also sick, so I can be forgiven, because when I'm sick, even Dancing With the Stars looks really, really good to me.

3. Food. Everything tastes like metal or gum.

I'm going to go to sleep and I promise by next week, the blog will return to its shiny self.


Linda Lafferty said...

I miss your personal blog entries like these. I love them. Quirky, personal, and loveable.

Linda Lafferty said...

And get well soon!! (Forgot to say that because I was so enchanted with your posting.)

Caroline Leavitt said...

Oh Linda, thank you!

Robby said...

I read my fair share of gossip magazines, though mostly as secretively as possible. It is hard to keep it a secret in the checkout line of a busy supermarket, though, and also now that I am acknowledging on the Internet. Either way, I know how that is.

Jeff said...

I hope you've recovered by now Caroline!