Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Women Who Write

Vicki Abelson is amazing. A one-time publicist and promoter, she gave it up to be with her kids and started writing. Realizing how important it is to read work-in-progress aloud, and like most of us with kids, not having the evenings available to get out and do it, she created a daytime alternative in 2008, Women Who Write.

Women Who Write, now in LA and NYC, presents readings for women, by women, monthly, mid-day soirees, which feature four professional writers and are open to all women who love being read to, welcome engaging discussions and relish feasting on delectable fare. She's had Rachel Resnick (I raved over Resnick's Love Junkie here a while ago), Evan Handler of Californication, and more. Says Abelson, "Most thrilling of all, is offering a nurturing forum for writers to read, and a safe heaven for all of us to give voice to our truths. For three hours ever month, in a Montrose living room, together we construct a magical communion of mind, heart, tummy and spirit, that profoundly and deliciously unites and nourishes us."

For more info, check out Vicki on Facebook, which she points out, is hugely responsible for her connecting to so many great writers!

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