Saturday, April 4, 2009

Writers Op!

From Ariel Sabar, the author of:
A Son's Search for his Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq

[Algonquin Books]

Winner of the 2008 National Book Critics Circle Award for Autobiography


I'm starting a new book project. And for part of it, I need your help. 

Ask yourself this: Did you and your spouse meet in one of New York's celebrated public places? Did you speak your first words to each other at Central Park, the Met, the Subway, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, Prospect Park, the New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Bridge? 

Then ask yourself this: Were the two of you totally different? Was she, say, a bond trader, and he, a bike messenger? Was he a Brazilian ballet dancer and she, a Latvian librarian? Was a tourist map the only thing you had in common, because he was from Denmark, and you, from Djibouti? Or, like my own parents, was he a son of hard-luck Kurds from northern Iraq, and she, the daughter of a Manhattan businessman?=2 0That is, were you from such wholly different backgrounds that  were it not for that chance encounter  you almost certainly would never have met?

If this sounds anything like your story, I would very much like to hear from you. I am looking for a massively diverse group. Differences in age, race, nationality, creed and orientation are encouraged. You need not still live in New York. You need not ever have lived there. What matters is that you first locked eyes there, in one of its great public places.

If you know couples like this – your kid sister, your grandparents, that guy at work, anyone – please ask them to email me at Or send them to Thank you.

Please mail me at:

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