Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jennifer Gooch Hummer is an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Quarterfinalist!

OK, there is a story that goes with this.  I first met Jennifer when she came into one of my UCLA novel writing courses.  She was beginning this novel APRON, about a young girl grappling with her mother's death and her father's betrayal, and who finds support with two gay men who run a flower shop. I went nuts for the pages she was submitting in class.  There were lines that I was underlining, and I felt the kind of mounting excitement you always do when you see someone with real talent. We became friends through the class, and stayed friends afterwards, and we always manage to see each other at least once a year, which is always wonderful. And through the years, I have watched APRON become this stunner of a novel.  (Jennifer also has another great novel she just finished, which is about Feng Shui, but that's another story.)

No one writes like this woman, and she entered it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, and just made quarter finalist!  Want to read it and comment and VOTE FOR HER ?  Of course you do!  

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