Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ack! The painters are here!

1. Take deep breath.
2. Don't panic. The colors chosen are great.
3. Breathe paint fumes. Think about four days of this, six if you count the weekend.
4. Panic at the amount of dirt and dust behind book shelves that haven't been moved in 14 years.
5. Worry that the feng shui is all messed up.
6. Worry that I won't be able to write.
7. Think about going out for every single meal which perks me up immeasurably.


Gina Sorell said...

Painters! Yippeee! How exciting!
What colors did you decide on for the bathroom? your room?
The feng shui will be great, and you can always Bagua-it up if need be to restore things.
You can buy yourself a new writing pressie...if you are stuck, a new picture or of chocolate.
And yes, lots of eating a must!

Clea Simon said...

eating chocolate is always a must! But this is a good thing - your home will be a wonderful rainbow. What did you decide for the bathroom?