Friday, January 18, 2008

Flu and cranky politics

I have my son's stomach flu, and have already lost 3 pounds and all desire to eat chocolate but I am so cranky. The media seems to be running this election. Of course it's more interesting to pit the black man against the white woman, but Edwards is totally lost in the news--even though, to my mind, he has the best Democratic ideas, especially with the economy (Time is calling him today's version of the New Dealer). I admit I don't trust Hillary and I find Obama a thrilling speaker without any substance to back things up, plus I really am annoyed that he says he is going to solve the health crisis by "sitting down at the table with health care people." Uh huh. Even worse is his calling himself a Reagan Democrat.

I wish Gore would run.

I wish I felt better.


Cindy said...

I wish you felt better too! Get well soon!


Clea Simon said...

Feel better! I too wish Edwards would win or Gore would run. And having lived under Mitt Romney he scares the CRAP out of me. I'm so afraid that people who don't know him will see him and his oily hair and fake smile and trust him. He's another wealthy conservative say-anything jerk!