Friday, November 30, 2007

Read This Book!

For Keeps: Women Tell the Truth About Their Bodies, Growing Older and Acceptance is a great anthology about the way women view their bodies and all the things that happen as we age (sigh and alas.) Edited by Victoria Zackheim (she also edited the superlativeThe Other Women), it boasts great essays from Abby Frucht, Liza Nelson, Rochelle Shapiro, Clea Simon, Susan Ito, Masha Hamilton, Victoria Zackheim, Leora Skolkin-Smith, Christine Kehl O'Hagan, Ellie McGrath, Susanne Dunlap, Kate Maloy, Deborah Grabien, Louise Ermelino, Sara Nelson, Aimee Liu, Elizabeth Rosner, many more--and me, me, me!

There's a reading, too! It's on December 9th at Bluestocking Bookstore on the Lower East Side of NYC at 172 Allen Street at 7. If you come, please say hello to me and I promise to look right at you as I do my part of the reading and I will also draw a really festive looking coffee cup, spoon and fork in your copy of your book.


Cindy said...

This book sounds so good! Especially when Im at a place where Im feeling well, kind of ..old. Older.Less fit. Less cute. Less young.


Caroline said...

What a great idea! I am going to begin a blog just because of this. It looks fabulous.

Carolne Leavitt

Caroline said...

Oh whoops, an old blog comment of mine popped up which has nothing to do with anything and make me look a tad insane. What I MEANT to say was that you can't think like that, CIndy! Age has its own kind of beauty and there's really an important kind of knowledge that goes along with least I think so!

Clea Simon said...

Cindy - You've got to read this book, and I say that not just because I'm in it. I really got such a blast and such a feeling of strength from reading all the (other) wonderful essays. I'm honored to be in this collection - it's a really wonderful group of women. - Clea