Friday, July 13, 2007

Anthology fever

I wanted to tell everyone about two fantastic anthologies, I'm so proud to be included in

The first is The Other Woman, edited by Victoria Zackheim. My essay, Cassandra, was excerpted in New York Magazine's special Love and Sex issue, and I appeared on The Today Show with Victoria.

I also have a piece in Ellen Sussman's anthology Bad Girls. She's got this fantastic website devoted to it, so please take a look!

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Mmmmm. It appears you are not sending me releases on your amazing publishing accomplishments. You are welcome to do it any old way you want, but the usual route it to subscribe to my "Sharing with Writers" newsletter so at least you can see when I publish what you send me. Your anthologies are a perfect item of the "Authors Successes" portion of the letter. (-:

You subscribe to the newsletter by sending me an e-mail with "subscribe" in the subject line ( You send me articles, news about your brilliant little self and more pretty much the same way (with different subject lines).

So, if you do this, it will give us a reason to communicate more frequently, right!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson