Monday, September 15, 2008


Oh yes, I have been playing. This is my son and I acting like fools with the various backdrops Mac supplies. I realize the new photo on the left shows the eliptical trainer looking as if it is emerging from my head, but I'm on a learning curve. I've just discovered video ichat, but does anyone know if you can have these chats with people who are not on Macs?

And I'm proud to report I wrote a snarky letter to the NY Daily News because I'm tired of people writing in to say that they are voting for Palin simply because "they like her." I'm sure I'll get a lot of nasty letters back, but I have tough skin. Well, sometimes....


Jeff Lyons said...


Hey... re the chat... yes, you can. All they have to have is a camera and use the same chat software.

Re the pix... sorry, but I liked the original... :)


Jeff Lyons said...

C: can do video chat with all the major chat software... I use Skype because it lets you actually make phone calls for free as well... but they all do it.


Unknown said...

Caroline, I LOVE that underwater photo! I have a Mac. I have VideoChat. Chat with me sometime!


Gina Sorell said...

RE: the new pix...I love it!
xo G