Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I want to marry my Mac

I am thrilled to announce the wedding of me and my Mac. It's almost set up, along with the Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver and two other packages of software I got for a song at an educational discount (Plus they threw in an itouch and a color printer/scanner!) Everyone is invited to the wedding, and yes, we intend to have lots of children--I think an Iphone or two is about to be born in another year. Twins! No gifts for the happy bride and groom, just any tips for a onetime PC user to ease into using the Mac.

Some days the writing flows and other days, like today, I'm stuck. It's like writing through chocolate pudding, only not delicious at all. I can't seem to write a single sentence that feels real today and I might go and make empanadas instead of working,exept for the fact that I've made a pledge to do 1,000 words every day, and so I'm struggling on. I think it's important to realize that sometimes, that's just part of the deal.


Gina Sorell said...

Congratulations!! May your union be a blessed one. Here's to many wonderful years together in writers flow and writers block. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your union in the form of brilliant pages...and of course pictures of the i-twins :)

Clea Simon said...

you serial inanimate object bigamist, you! But mazel tov. I, too, love my mac. But we are simply domestic partners, even though I'm lucky enough to live in Massachusetts.

Clea Simon said...

and not to worry - the writing will happen again. It does this, sometimes!