Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debates, anyone?

It;s hard not to think, live, breathe anything but the election. I did work on my script, teach my class, write my novel and most horrifyingly FORGET TO GO TO MY SON'S SCHOOL'S BACK to SCHOOL NIGHT!! We all remembered a half hour after it was over, and now we must write notes to all three of his teachers and beg for a meeting. This is what I need to do beside the above things and besides worry and obsess about politics:

1. Think of a Halloween costume for the big parade in the city and please don't suggest that I go as Sarah Palin. I was a soccer mom lat year, which meant I sewed twenty socks to my jeans and t-shirt and wore a purple wig. Hey, I almost won a prize. Jeff was Alan Ginsberg,, carrying a copy of HOWL and sporting a devilish mustache, goatee and beret and wearing a peace sign. "Hey, are you dressed up to be French?" someone asked. I give up.

2., Finish the script rewrite. Really. Get. it. Down.

3. Go to the eye doctor. I can read with my left eye and see the computer with my right. Having one eye very near sighted and one very far sighted is not fun and makes for some lively headaches.

4. Call health insurance and scream about why they didn't pay for my mammogram this year.

5. Figure out why my Mac gives me a "warning, check compatibiity" message every time I try to save a document.

6. Learn the new Dreamweaver that came with my Mac.

7. Eat more chocolate and try to obsess less.


Jeff Lyons said...


Ok... this is the costume ... go as:

Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin!

Also... all goyim everywhere are cringing over this one ... as we should be...


Gina Sorell said...


Definitely eating more chocolate is the most important thing on your list! If you eat more chocolate, you'll be so wired that completing numbers 1-6 will be a breeze!

Jeff: Wow. Oh thank you, really, so much fun :)

Clea Simon said...

Maybe you can just resubmit the mammo bill? SOmetimes I find that just asking again gets the money.No rhyme or reason, but sometimes it works.

Kass said...

Eat more chocolate-yes!!

My MAC does the same thing- I have just come to ignore it.

This Thur is my big first time ever reading of my work and book launch- trying to not think about it so I don't get too nervous.

All I can think of is that it better br over before the debate.!