Friday, September 5, 2008

Book this Fundraiser

This is from an email from Amy Tan--Jeff and I just signed our books (I drew a coffee cup with a fork and spoon and stars on mine) and sent them off.

Dear Fellow Writers,
Below is a plea from Ayelet Waldman for contributions to a fundraiser. No, you don't have to WRITE a book for Barack. We are talking about THIS year's election. But if you are inclined toward voting for Barack/Biden, please be further inclined send one of your masterpieces, masterfully signed to Ayelet Waldman at her address below. If you are inclined toward McCain/Palin, don't disclose who you prefer, [OTHER], or [NONE OF THE ABOVE], please excuse the intrusion.
Also please feel free to send this to other writers who might be similarly inclined toward what we hope you are inclined toward.


This one is from Ayelet:
Hey guys,
We're doing a fundraiser (one of MANY) for Barack out here that's going to include a silent auction. I'd be your best friend if you would send me a signed book. I know I should be offering to buy one and send it to you with a return envelope, but I'm hoping you'll decide to just go ahead and give me one from your stash, and if it was for any other of my philanthropic ventures, I'd do that. But since the world is going to come a fucking end if Obama doesn't get elected, I'm thinking maybe you'd be willing to donate the book and the postage. The event is in 2 I'd need it before then. I hope to get a few thousand dollars for this "signed book basket."
I'd also love you forever if you'd ask a few of your friends to send one, too. Turns out I have far fewer email addresses than I thought.

FOR THE ADDRESS, PLEASE CONTACT ME at I don't feel right putting Ayelet's address up on my blog.


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Gina Sorell said...

This is a great idea! I wish my book were published...then I could send a copy!
G :)