Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time to revise!

I just heard from my extraordinary editor at Algonquin and we are about to start revising my novel.  I cannot tell you how excited I am--she's so smart and so intuitive, and I have this feeling that I am going to learn so much and become a better writer.  Of course, I am also riddled with anxiety (What if I can't do this?  What if I cant make the changes? What if my changes are terrible?) which leads to: What if she doesn't want my next book? What if no one wants my next book?  What if I have to be a cashier again, and the last time I did that, a customer got so annoyed, he reached over and counted out his own damn change?

Ah fear. The writer's lot in life, isn't it? We are an insecure and dreamy bunch.

(But I really am so excited!)


Unknown said...

This is FANTASTIC news!

Clea Simon said...

Oh I am sure she just wants to polish teh gem it is! But I'm so glad! A good editor is a joy! Of course she'll want your next book. YAY!