Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sayonara AOL

I think I have had it.  Jeff's AOL began sending all his new mail into his old mail so he is now off.  And I noticed that about half of the important mail I have been sending out--to agent, editor and to friends, including one long impassioned email to a friend who felt neglected--never got there. 

So I am now a gmail gal. (I have hotmail, too.) I'll gradually tell everyone and I'll still keep AOL to catch the ones that get away, but already I feel better.  There is no worse feeling than sending mail and wondering if it has been received or not.  (And usually it NOT.) Plus, I now get to have an official sounding email address with my name-- Isn't that spiffy?Easy to remember?  Theleav was given to me by my husband when AOL first began and email was brand, shiny new and everyone was making up names like or 

Sigh, guess I am growing up.  (Well, not really. Just ask any of the people around me.)


Gina Sorell said...

Biglard...very funny!

You can keep TheLeav! Just have it be at gmail. Please, no goddessearth...or sapphiresunset...groan :)

Welcome to Gmail.

Cari said...

I just sent you an email on your hotmail account. Are you keeping that one?

Jeff Lyons said...


So, I'm confused... do you have a new eamil? RU retiring TheLeav?


Caroline said...

I have my hotmail, which I am keeping, but I am phasing out AOL to gmail account I'll keep AOL open for a while until I stop getting emails from friends there, but yup, I have lost too many important pieces of mail to trust it any more!

Kass said...

How awful...Im thinking of witching myself.Happy Spring!