Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finished Revisions!

I am tired, happy, and so thrilled.  I finished the second set of revisions from my editor and just sent them off. I love my editor, love my publishing house, love my agent.  But sending these things off has made me homesick for the novel.  I miss being in the thick of the characters, and when I got to the last pages I was crying--not just for the story, but because I realized I had to let them go.

Lucky for me, I started something else and am deep into that, so I have a new set of people to start to worry about, fuss over, and love.

Now, if only I could get a film deal....


Gina Sorell said...


Caroline, you are amazing, an inspiration to all of us!!

You should reward yourself with a movie marathon and chocolate :)

Jeff Lyons said...


Wow... how wonderful! Chocolate and movie marathon for sure.


Clea Simon said...

Oh my!! That was FAST!!!

Great work, Caroline! I hope you can have a chocolate-and-movie-marathon and then sleep for 12 hours straight!