Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking for a great NYC apartment?

When I first moved to NYC, it took me a while to find an apartment.  I took a place on 30th Street and then went to see it at night a few days before I moved in, only to watch someone getting his head bashed in at a bar on the corner.  I gave that place up and found a tiny little shoebox on West 24th, with a floor so slanted if you dropped a pencil, it would roll to the other end of the floor, but I adored my place (and it had a fireplace!) and I eventually moved on to a great Pre-War on the Upper West Side for a while, then to an odd little one bedroom by the now defunct Allerton Hotel, and finally moved to NYC's unofficial 6th borough with my husband to start our family. (We both work at home, both needed offices, and were priced out of 4 bedrooms in the city.)

My friend Nancy has one of the great NYC apartments in the world and she's selling it. I've spent a lot of happy afternoons there when Nancy lived in the city. It's really huge and really sunny, in a great location (the upper east side in a doorman building), with the kind of natural light you see in the movies.  tons of closets and it's really quiet, too, facing a garden in the back--plus it's in a luxury building. It's got great creative vibes (she's an artist and her husband is a photographer) and it is at a bargain price.   

420 East 72nd Street, between first 7 York.  Asking Price $549,000 Maintenance $1019 which includes AC and heat. Financing 75%. For sale by Nancy 818-217-6845
*30 ft living space with parquet floors, overlooks garden with quiet back exposure.
*5 closets, upgraded kitchen with tiled floor, breakfast bar, tiled pantry and new dishwasher.
*Upgraded paneled solid wood doors
*Luxury full service building with 24 hour doorman & concierge
*Central air, laundry room with new washers and driers
*Upgraded elevators in 2009
*Close to area hospitals and transportation
*Living room is 12ft 6 in. x20ft; Bedroom is 11 ft x 17 ft 5 in., kitchen is 6 x 9 ft 5 inches, and there is a sizable foyer (9 ft x 10 ft. 6 inches. )

Call Nancy if you are interested or if you know someone who is, please pass this along.

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