Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Nothing is Cancelled Book Tour. Jenny Block presents BE THAT UNICORN

Already just published, Be That Unicorn is the modern antidote to our “mean girl” culture all about kicking ass at this thing called life while being kind to others and true to you in a world that seems to want to keep us from doing just that.

Says Jenny, That Unicorn is you. My mom has always said that people are drawn to me because I make everyone feel good about themselves. Throughout my life, 
people have echoed that sentiment. It’s the thing I love about myself the most: I’m the big sister, the BFF, the mom, the cheerleader, the coach…“the little unicorn that could” who everyone deserves.

One reader calls "Be That Unicorn” 150 pages of hug. I couldn’t agree more! It’s also a reminder that That Unicorn is not afraid to use her horn when she needs to. That Unicorn is a balanced creature and BTU shows the way to finding that balance.

A BOOK I LOVE: You Can Do All Things by Kate Allan because her drawings are fantastical and her words are life saving! 

AN INDIE BOOKSTORE I LOVE: Book People in Austin, TX because it feels like the cozy and welcoming kind of place that would create if I had a bookstore of my own!

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