Thursday, July 30, 2020

Anne Raeff talks about her astonishing novel ONLY THE RIVER about two instersecting families, one Jewish, one Nicaraguan, in a Nothing is Cancelled Virtual Book Tour Video!

I'm thrilled to host Anne Raeff here for the Nothing is  Cancelled Virtual Blog tour with her extraordinary new book, ONLY THE RIVER.

And look at these amazing raves!

“Anne Raeff is a master of the family novel, and of the diaspora novel, and of the novel that spans decades and continents. Is there nothing she can’t do? With Only the River she gives us, in her trademark exquisite prose, the deeply moving story of two families joined and separated by a tiny patch of land in Nicaragua, a country as passionate and divided as the unforgettable characters who populate this marvelous book.” —ANN PACKER, author of The Children’s Crusade
“In this novel, Anne Raeff weaves a multigenerational tale of love and war while at the same time casting a magic spell. Her authorial voice is incantatory. Characters and events caught in recent tragedies take on aspects of myth. The novel feels unique, timely, and yet timeless. I couldn’t put it down.” —ELIZABETH FARNSWORTH , author of A Train Through Time 
 “Read Only the River as much for its lush, seductive prose as for its impressive historical and geographical sweep. Read it for its resonant depictions of the high costs of war, and for its ironic and surprising collisions of past and present. Anne Raeff’s personal investment in these intersecting stories, and her love for each of her searching, unforgettable characters, comes through on every page. Just read it!” —CHRISTOPHER CASTELLANI, author of Leading Men

Anne is also the author of The Winter Kept us Warm, The Jungle Around us and Clara Monschein's Melancholia




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