Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reading with Robin

Reading with Robin is a fantastic radio show that really is a feast for book lovers--plus, Robin Krall, who runs the program, is absolutely wonderful.  Robin reaches out to writers and to readers and her interviews and thought-provoking, fun, and funny, too.  Her guests have included Jodi Picoult, Alice Hoffman, Meg Cabot--and me!  Coming up this Saturday is Sandra Novak, the author of Precious (see a few blog posts below.) If we were not going to be out of town to avoid the Hoboken pre St. Paddy's Day drunk fest, (participants line up for the bars at six in the morning. I'm not kidding. All the single digit IQ folk seem to converge on the town and overstay their welcome way into the night.  I love Hoboken, but I hate this day) I would be calling up to join the conversation, and say hello to Sandy and to Robin.

I still have a Reading with Robin cup from my time on her show, which I treasure, and it is truly a wonderful thing for a writer to listen to other writers talk about their craft and their work and their angst--especially when they are talking to someone as passionate about books as Robin is.   So go listen.  And say hello for me.


Sandra Novack said...

I will say hi! And Caroline: Have I told you lately how warm and wonderful you are?!

You are both.


Robin said...

thanks so very much for the very generous post!! we will miss you in the am and will be sure to 'shout out' to you!! looking forward to meeting you soon!!