Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Two of Revisionland week and counting

1. I fixed all the time problems. Seasons were melding into seasons and people were wearing coats in the middle of July.
2. I had a revelation about a major plot point and theme emailed my editor who bless her, bless her, got back to me in five minutes! Fixed the problem throughout the book in four hours.
3. I realized I needed to add more sensory details, but in doing so, discovered I had to rewrite another whole chapter.  Four hours.
4. Put in all the details from the photographer I spoke to (she was so cool, I am knitting her fingerless. mitts!) Totally exhausted.  Going to have a pot of tea, try to watch a video and sink into sleep. 

Tomorrow have to cancel the dentist and get a new Visa for Revisionland.


Jeff Lyons said...


Great picture!!! Revisionland... sounds like a book to me... document, document, document...
J :)

Gina Sorell said...

Another great idea Jeff!

Caroline, this really is fascinating..thanks for sharing it with us...and thanks for the great picture!

Good Luck!
xo G