Monday, March 16, 2009

Revisionland, here we come!

The truth about Revisionland today?  I cannot wait.  Every writer should have an editor as  brilliant as the one I have and be this happy. Every question she asks opens up the novel sets new things in motion. I always mention (I know I have before in this blog) this Alice Hoffman quote.  She had three editors vying for her work.  Two said, "Oh, this is great, we will publish as is, and one, the great Faith Sale, said, "Well, I like it but it needs work." She went with Faith Sale.  You want to get better.  You want to go deeper.  You want to learn everything you can so that not only is the book  you are working on the best it can be, but the next one is even better. I feel like my editor is in the trenches with me, and she has brought canteens of spring water and food from Whole Foods.

I am really lucky, and I need to go back to work.  


Jeff Lyons said...


You should do a picture gallery of your revision portraits as you go thru this... so we can see all the faces of Caroline in revision bliss....

J :)

Gina Sorell said...

This is a great idea Jeff!

Happy revising Caroline!!