Monday, January 5, 2009

PW loves Feed Me (and my essay The Grief Diet)

Good reviews are like adrenaline.  They make you want to write more and better. And I am thrilled to report that PW gave Feed Me, Harriet Brown's great anthology on women and food a great review, and my friend Rochelle Shapiro was singled out for her excellent piece, and so was I for The Grief Diet!  They said :

Those essays involving eating disorders, including Caroline Leavitt’s moving account, are thoughtful and well-written.

I loved getting a shout-out and I owe the reviewer deep thanks for such a kind review.  Now I want to go write and write and write.


Clea Simon said...


And well earned. Congratulations!

Jeff Lyons said...


Congrats on the recognition... it's life's blood isn't it... :)


Jessica Keener said...

Congratulations! and that line: "hollow little fist of grief"--punched me in the stomach. Terrific!


Sorell Says... said...

Congratulations Caroline!!

DeAnna Cameron said...

Hi, Caroline!
I usually lurk instead of post, but I wanted to let you know that I've given you a Premio Dardos award on my writing blog because you are in my top 15 must-read blogs. You can check out more at if you're interested.
Take care,

Caroline said...

Deanna! Thank you! Going right over there!

Doctor_Eva said...

Stop devouring these doughnuts and sweet pies! You are ruining your future! But I know, how to lose weight!