Thursday, January 3, 2008

Portrait of a great guy and a great cause

The photo of the handsome man over there is one of my oldest and best friends, Peter Salzano. I met Peter millions of years ago when we were both toiling away at Macy's. He was my boss! One day he made the mistake of going on vacation and because I was bored I made up twenty five phone messages for him (Peter, please call the doctor, that nasty rash can be treated!; Peter, Jo says to meet him at Spitty's and bring a lawyer). I wasn't sure how he'd react, but we soon became fast friends, embarrassing each other every chance we could get.

I adore him. Together we've braved dating, divorce, birth, death of loved ones, marriage and illness. Every time I moan that I should stop writing and get a real job he yells at me. He's bought all of my books, and not at The Strand either! He spoke at my wedding and I toasted him at his (to the extraordinary Doug). In May 2003, Doug called me to tell me that Peter had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, a stage four Glioblastomia.

Yes, we were all terrified. But Peter smashed the odds and here he is five years later. He used yoga, visualization and a whole lot of silliness and love. Though he has to get MRIs more times than he would care to, he's tumor free now--and only 2% of Stage FourBrain tumor patients make this milestone. And even better, he and Doug started The Salzano-Smith Foundation for Brain Tumor Research in 2004. He's raised over 50,000 and the next one is coming up May 1, 2008. For details, or just to say hi to a magnificent human being, email Peter at

And if you do write him, please nag him to write his book! And give him huge hug for me because I adore him and if I can help it, I want him to live to be 90, because I have lots more ways to embarrass him in elevators.


Clea Simon said...

He sounds like a wonderful guy! Does he have a website where we can learn more about his fund?

Caroline said...

No, he doesn't. I've been nagging him to do something but so far all he has his email address!