Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Psst, tomorrow is my birthday and it's the start of a blitz of activity! Opera at the Met! Music at Joe's Pub! The Pirates of Penzance! My sister coming to visit and play! What do I want? Well, I already have a lot of what's important (love, friends, family, work I adore, health and no dental work that I know of that needs to be done) but who says you can't have more? I would like a democratic president, affordable health care, a movie deal (after the strike is over, of course), a huge book sale, more love, peace, understanding, chocolate, happiness, joy, enough money to paint the inside of our house and get new windows (and new blinds!), and I would like to discover the theory of everything.


Clea Simon said...


Gina Sorell said...

Happy Birthday!
My sissy is celebrating her b-day the day after yours and is coming out to L.A. with her husband to play!
Yay for sissies, and yay for birthdays!

Here's hoping you get some chocolate covered affordable democratic healthcare! And a big fat movie and book deal. And of course...paint...Ralph Lauren paint that is...it really does go on the best!

Kitt said...

Happy birthday!