Friday, April 3, 2020

Deborah J. Cohan talks about WELCOME TO WHEREVER WE ARE for the Nothing is Cancelled Book Tour!

What my book meant to me as I was writing it:

Writing is a way to think clearly, to come to know what we know and what we feel. Writing the book helped me heal from the grief of abuse and the grief of caregiving. It's about breaking silences and coming to voice. It was a also a way to meditate on what home means and what we hold onto and what we let go of, how we remember others and how we're remembered. #memoirshealwritersandreaders

What my book means to me now:

The title feels like a slogan for our times! I had no idea when I gave the book this title how prophetic it would be! The book is about how we hold contradictory realities and what we do with that---in the case of the book, it's about love and abuse. In this current dark moment of our lives with this global pandemic, we are all trying to find some light that will vanquish the darkness. Creativity in the form of writing, as a way of making art, is one way to do this.

I want to shout out two authors in particular right now! One is Sue William Silverman whose new book How to Survive Death and Other Inconveniences just came out, and the other is Rebecca Winn, author of One Hundred Daffodils: Finding Beauty, Grace, and Meaning When Things Fall Apart

And, the Indie stores I want to recognize are Hub City Bookshop in Spartanburg, SC, A Room of One's Own in Madison, WI, The Book Cellar in Chicago and Brookline Booksmith in Boston, MA!! 

So you have it, here's my contact info:

Facebook: Deborah J Cohan and also Deborah J Cohan Writing
Twitter: @CohanDebcohan

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