Sunday, March 2, 2008

The way to a girl's heart is Peeps

We've just come back from a weekend at our friends' country house, complete with fireplace, kids, videos, snow, wine at dinner (not for the kids), and Peeps.
Ok, let me clarify. The way to MY heart is with Peeps, those sugary delectable marshmallow candies that come in all varieties of colors (none found in nature, mind you.) I am so dedicated to these candies that we went to visit a Peeps show (no, not a PEEP show, that's something different.) I'm a purist so these cocoa bunnies (Just Born! says the label) are not as cool as the chicks, but I've already polished two.

The only other candy that compares is SkyBars, which can be found only in Boston.

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Clea Simon said...

Is that true about Sky Bars? Wow. I like the idea of Peeps, but how can you eat something that cute? And have you seen the websites (and maybe books, too) that dress up Peeps as little characters? Too much!