Thursday, March 6, 2008

Breaking news, sort of

I'm excited to report that I have some events coming up. Ya hoo!

1. Calling All Authors Radio Show
Wednesday, March 26th7:55 Eastern Time
I will be talking about my essay, Belly Wars from the anthology For Keeps. The essay, first published in Salon, is about a year of terror for me when I was critically ill and looked horrific--and how I discovered the real meaning and depth of beauty. No, I will not be posting photographs of what I looked like for that one terrifying year, so please don't keep asking.

2. Canadian TV, CTVglobemedia
Filming in May, Show date to be announced-stay tuned. They are going to film in my home, so this means I won't have to dress up and I can get away without having to do Today Show hair and makeup (even though that was fun, mind you.) It will be a portrait of the artist as a neurotic and I'll be talking about the above essay and my infamous Cassandra essay which was in The Other Woman, New York Magazine, staged with other essays at the NYC Player's Club, and now has film interest.

3. Backspace Writers Conference
August 9, 9-9:45 I'll be speaking along with novelist Leora Skolkin-Smith, Details to follow when we figure out/firm up what we are going to talk about.


Clea Simon said...

Yay! Please post details so we can see and hear you!

Gina Sorell said...

Oh So exciting!! Please let me know, who is doing your's a small world after all with us Canucks! And now all my family and friends can tune in! Congrats!