Friday, October 26, 2007


Let us now praise famous writer friends' work!

Edges by Leora Skolkin-Smith is doing so fabulously well that it is now in its third printing. This is simply a tremendously moving novel, which I've posted about before. Leora wasn't just edited by the great Grace Paley, she was also a friend, and in this editon, she provides a special foreword. Tovah Feldshuh did the audio book and Leora's got a film deal in development.

Miriam the Medium by Rochelle Jewell Shapiro is now in paperback--which means tons of you can buy it and tuck it in your backpack and take it on the subway and everywhere you go, too.

And late breaking news, (oh yes, this is really important.) I figured out my Halloween costume. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. The whole town here gets dressed up and parades around, including adults, and we never miss a chance to act like fools. I'm going as a sock farm--you know that place where all the mates for socks that you never can find wind up? I spent all last night painstakingly sewing socks of all shapes and sizes onto my black jeans, black hoodie and I'll tape some on my black leather jacket. And of course, I have a long purple day glow wig with bangs.


Susan said...

A sock farm!?! You are hilarious.

Clea Simon said...

That's such a great idea - thanks for the word on the books, too!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the Miriam the Medium recommendation. I am reading it now and love it!