Sunday, October 7, 2007

Come on and help yourself

My very first new column (I used to write some of the "A Reading Life") about books that deal with self-help issues appeared in The Boston Globe today! I'm really thrilled and my goal is to give a smart, provocative spin to a genre of books that many people wrongfully dismiss. (Please stop making any sort of face. Would you make a face at Peggy Orenstein's smart and sparkly tomes? At Anne Lamott's books on faith? At Eat, Pray, Love? All can rightfully be called self-help.) My column will be every other month. Frankly, I love the genre. There's a part of me that yearns to believe in anything that will make things easier, better, faster, more fun or any number of wonderful adjectives. I've always been the one to jump at the chance to earn more money, see a medium, try fengshui or dogwhisper. And these books do tackle very serious issues. Keeping an open mind is the only way to be surprised. And I'm just so delighted I get to do it in The Globe!

Speaking of sparkling, one of my UCLA students, Gina Sorell just told me about her very exquisite line of jewelry. Since I consider jewelry (especially earrings) to be an essential of life, this is news, too.


Clea Simon said...

This is a great column, Caroline. I know the topic is "self help," but it could be called "lighthearted takes on life philosophy from some smart women." I was half expecting diet tips, and instead I see there are tart, smart, funny books out there. Thank you for telling us about them.

Unknown said...

Loved this column! And was wondering if maybe you, Caroline Leavitt, Goddess of Words, might consider penning a self-help book for the writer.