Saturday, July 28, 2007

Novel notes

Finishing a novel is both exhilarating and unsettling. You've spent three or so years with these characters you've come to know right down to how they like to eat their pasta, and suddenly you aren't spending time with them every day. Right now, another writer is reading my manuscript, and once I get her feedback, I'm delivering the baby to my beloved agent. I know the only solution is to start something new, and lucky for me, I have a new idea and I'm also working on a script.

I really think that all writers, at least if you're like me, need to keep all their novel notes, just to remind themselves that wrong turns can lead to right ones, that characters sometimes take months to breathe on the page, and that writing has something of a miracle in it.

I know this is a short entry, but I have ten loads of sandy laundry from the beach to take care of. And I admit I'm really proud of the fact that I spent four days at the shore and am still pale as parchment.


Clea Simon said...

Welcome back!

I love your idea of keeping notes. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just get so fed up with the rising tide of paper that I trash everything. Do you keep earlier drafts of your work as well? I do that -- some inhard copy and some on my computer (in an "Older WIP" folder). Cannot WAIT to read the new novel!

Clea Simon said...

Bless your Jell-o heart, by the way. I know I've already commented here,but it is just so thrilling to read about a BOOK ON THE WAY!!! Your agent will be lucky to read it.