Monday, November 26, 2007

Writers' Strike

I'm a huge supporter of the writers' strike. I had a few deals brewing before the strike and immediately put everything on hold. This morning, a friend emailed me to congratulate me on my film deal--something she saw on my beloved UCLA webpage. By mistake, UCLA posted news that I had sent them months ago--well before the strike--but because of the strike, I called them panicked and told them they had to take it down because it was no longer true at this time, and I am not doing any screenwriting work of any kind, nor will I, and could they also post a disclaimer saying that it was taken down because of this?

And yes, they will and they are going to, in a few seconds!

I feel so less anxious.

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Clea Simon said...

I hope they post a disclaimer! But nobody who knows you would doubt for a minute that you're supporting the strike. Still, I hope they resolve it this week so your premature news can become a reality!!